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Prevention is better than cure. Stop Fraud in Days vs Months

Fraudsters get away with an average of $262,000 – that figure is as high as $1.5m when management executives are involved. Normally businesses only recover an average of 11 per cent of the loss – even in prosecuted cases.

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The 5 F's: Fires, Floods, Flu, Financial Recession and Fraud

As if the bushfires weren’t bad enough for our economy, Australia is likely to be “one of the countries worst affected by the economic fallout from the coronavirus,” according to an OECD report.All we need now are Frogs. It feels as if things are ...

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Right now businesses need certainty and re-assurance: enter Continuous Control Monitoring

With the rapid changes going on globally to our lives and the way we do business and operate as businesses, the process of accessing, monitoring and managing data is an evolving one. The majority of companies do not have the time or in-house skill...

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