Unlocking Financial Insights


Planful New Release February 2020

26 Feb CFO

Planful has delivered a NEW user interface and collaboration upgrade, elevating organisational financial IQ.

The Latest Planful Product Release Rolls Out the Industry’s First Dynamic Commentary Feature.

Planful Inc. (formerly Host Analytics), a...

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Successfully implement continuous control monitoring

Continuous monitoring is a valuable tool for auditors and risk managers. However, anyone who is venturing down that path needs to be aware that, even with high level support, it’s often challenging to implement.

There are several roadblocks to a s...

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Putting the Spotlight on Outliers

Donald Rumsfeld, a former US Secretary of Defence, added to risk concepts when briefing the press about the state of play in Iraq in 2002.  He can be succinctly paraphrased as: 

We know what we know, we know what we don’t know and we don’t know, w...

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